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Foothills Chapter 2022 Board of Directors


President: Natasha ‘Lil Tac’ Rankin

Executive Vice President: Travis ‘Reaper’ Stout

Vice President:  Mike ‘Hillbilly’ Watson 

Treasurer: Della Frost

Secretary: LeAnna ‘Shorty’ Stout

SGT-AT-ARMS: Darrel ‘Cowboy’ Cypert

Referee: Jeff ‘Hammer’ Mullins 


Downed Bikers National Board

The National Board of Directors was separated from the founding chapter in 2014 in an effort to maintain continuity in policy, ethics and procedures within all of our chapters and to respond to the growing interest in new chapters within the state of Oklahoma and from across our state lines.

As with all Board Members of “DBA” Chapters, no one on the National Board is paid for their time, this is a totally volunteer organization.

 For information concerning new chapter expansion, or Corporate donation/grants, please contact us by writing to:

National Board of Directors

PO Box 21713

Oklahoma City OK. 73156

….or call National Phone (405) 568-9977 or Email at one of the e-mail address below


National President:

National Vice President:

National Treasurer:

National Secretary:

National Secretary: Jeff Brock

National Sgt-At-Arms: